LBW Machine 



Welcome to LBW

This is Brian.  I've been doing machinist type work for roughly 30 years.  At this point, you have  seen at  

least some of the available equipment.  The goal is to utilize the machine side of this facility.  Rotating      
equipment is my largest background.  Also we can provide services ranging from carpentry to cabinetry and

even a little mill work.  Some of my latest work has been with pipeline companies, supply companies, and    

oil  exploration.  Pins and bushings for heavy equipment are easily available.  No welding done on             
premises   but several options are available quickly.  Minimal plumbing and / or formica work is also            
available.  Some sheetrock and painting done as well. 


If we can be of service please contact us at :   713-367-9533



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